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  • 💡 Scout / Visionary


After having worked for over 15 years as a leader and curator of several art institutions and projects - where I worked with artists, designers and other makers and thinkers - I have oriented myself towards social innovation. Due to my interdisciplinary background, I have a broad view on societal issues and know the different aspects of management and cooperation with other fields and authorities very well.

And I learned how to think in and out of the box when challenging projects have to be produced. During several workshops, courses, hackathons, etc. I trained myself in tools such as Design Thinking, Sociocracy 3.0, the Kaospilots DK Design Arching method, etc.; tools that I combine with methods from the arts field (e.g. the DasArts feedback method) when facilitating workshops or co-creation contexts, but also when teaching.

I recently finished a CAS in Innovation Management at the OST (former FHS) St. Gallen, where I could deepen my knowledge in organizational development, agile management, strategic innovation and future management. And I am now preparing for the Scrum Master exam.




I would like to bring my experience and knowledge from the art field and management to the field of social innovation, in order to shape a more socially just, respectful and sustainable society together with other people.