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This site uses an open source project board for splendid collaboration. Here we collect and showcase all contributions in one place. On the event page you can learn about topics, datasets, and any other information the organisers have provided. To form a team, you can start a project, or build on a challenge. All content on the site can be edited by organisers in the Admin area.

If you would like to use this platform for your event, see the installation guide, fork the open source project, and set it up to your liking. Get in touch on the dribdat home page. Or contact one of the organisers on this site:

 🕴️huembelin  🕴️ibrahim  🕴️oleg

All our hack are belong to us.

Get the data

You can use the My Data button on your profile to download a summary of your contributions. There is a simple open API for accessing data from this site in machine-readable form over the Web.

Download data on the featured or past (replace current by id) events

Retrieve project data from the current (or id) event

Search the projects, recent activity, and posts (use q=... for query, set limit=10)

dribdat is distributed under the MIT license - source code available on GitHub, GitLab and Codeberg - visit FOSSA for a list of bundled code works.