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Ist das Hackathon-Konzept auch auf andere, nicht digitale Bereiche übertragbar? Produkt/Prozessentwicklung, Prototypen, Modellierung..

12 months ago ~ oleg

Hackathons interessant für Studierende an der BFH: BärnHäckt / Hack4SocialGood / ...?

12 months ago ~ oleg

The recording of our project has been done and all the documentation is now available.

1 year ago ~ margaux_siguier

We have created a fresh project page to collect the results on, and are still working on a couple of interesting directions.

1 year ago ~ oleg

This is the correct link to our repository:

1 year ago ~ noemiblanchard

The prototype is out there!

1 year ago ~ noemiblanchard


1 year ago ~ AnninaIndermhle

Die Idee für das Produkt ist entwickelt und wird anhand von Mockups illustriert

1 year ago ~ SamuelWehrli

Everything uploaded and ready to be inspected by peers and judges.

1 year ago ~ AnninaIndermhle

MS Teams and github

1 year ago ~ andreas_teixeira

Join a project to share your progress!

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