Annina Indermühle

  • 🖍️ Designer / Creative
  • 🔬 Researcher / Analyst


Professional: I am a social anthropologist with 20 years of experience in NGOs and public administration, centered around integration/inclusion of migrants and refugees. Currently self-employed at, committed to putting humans (back) in the centre of digitalisation processses and projects in NGOs and the social sector. Private: I live in Bern in a colourful patchwork family, love languages, visual communication, all things sustainable, and am a genuinely curious person. Main skills: development and implementation of project and service ideas, research and analysis, concept design, transcultural skills.



My goals are - to contribute to finding new, inclusive digital solutions - to meet other people interested in social innovation and digitalisation


Everything uploaded and ready to be inspected by peers and judges.

3 years ago