Frictionless Data

With frictionless you can read data from a Data Package (local or remote) into your R environment.

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From Dataset to Frictionless Data

After following the above instructions to publish a Data Package, or using any of the datapackage.json references you find on - you can use the dataset directly in R, with similar advantages as we discussed in the CKANR exercise.

📦 Data Package:

⛰️ Data Source:

⚙️ R script:


# The source of this is 
DPURL <- ''

# Fetch the Data Package and verify that we have loaded it
datapackage <- read_package(DPURL)

# Show the contents of the Package

# Select a resource and read its contents
shc_infra <- read_resource(datapackage, "shc_infra")

# Generate a plot
plot(unlist(shc_infra$JAHR), unlist(shc_infra$AnzStand), type="b", main=datapackage$title)

ggplot(data = shc_infra) +
  geom_point(aes(x = Ops, y = KT, color = Typ_de)) +
  labs(x = '# Operations', y = 'Kanton', color = 'Typ',
       title = datapackage$title,
       caption = 'Quelle:')

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